Waiting on Google to complete their review of the app! This is for you Android users out there! Apple users, IOS is still being worked on! Just a reminder you can use Vego+ now using any browser by visiting #vegoplus #android #newsocialmedia

This may not seem like a big deal, but we like keep you informed about what is going on with the site when we make changes based on your feedback.

We have performed a system wide update, nothing too major but a few notes:

1. You know those weird notifications you got when Friend A liked Friend B’s post and you got a notification that Friend A liked your post but it was actually Friend B’s? That won’t happen anymore. Friend B will get the notification that their post has been liked and you will be none the wiser.

2. Some of our users noted that the delete account button is really easy to hit accidentally...we won’t name names, and all has been forgiven; but we decided this danger could not be ignored and have removed the delete button entirely! Mwahahahaha (note: you are, of course, still free to delete your account but you will need to contact us via the feedback button or email [email protected] to do so).

Thank you for your continued feedback, you make Vego+ great!

Steven Legg Finally, I love my friends! But those notifications were a bit much!

Hello Vego users! Just a quick update! Late last night the site went down and we had to rebuild your profiles. Everything should be back to 'normal'. Let us know if you are missing any content. Thanks!