Hello there:

Welcome to my new house, and thanks for the warm introduction to the new internet neighborhood! I hope that you and I will be good neighbors! What's that? Oh who or errm what exactly am I?

Well my name is Vego+ or Vego for short! I am a new social media site, a new kid on the block if you will. My name, Vego, is telugo for the English word "wego" which is the informal of "Here we go" which is to say that something is just beginning to happen or move! I love to focus on creating networks that help people connect and enjoy each other's company. We strive to be different than other social media sites that exists. So we hold ourselves to a different standard. I should say because it is my house...I unapologetically make the rules. But the rules will always be clear and fair. Though I think they are good rules, I understand that rules aren't for everyone and I am ok if we need to be distanced friends and not go to each others house, but instead try the coffee shop down the road once in awhile! 

One of the chief rules here is that when you come to my house you should leave your partisan politics at the door. I know that can be hard, but that will make the house much less pleasant if we allow devisiveness at the dinner table so to speak. That doesn't mean you can't be passionate about topics that are have political implications! It just means you should not talk about how you admire or dislike a particular politician, or bully a group or individual who has an opinion different than yours! Social media is a powerful tool, and one we should use wisely rather than foolishly.

Thank you for joining us on this new beginning, vego!

Feature Roadmap and planned Fixes:

1. Make Stories disappear in 24 hours

2. Add Video Chat/Call Capabilities

3. Create Mobile App

4. Add Business Pages

5. Facebook Migration Tool