Please Lil’ Teddy, you’re our only hope.... (Volume makes it extra good).

Why are Newfies called Nanny Dogs? (when Teddy was a baby)

As told by Zuzu (the rescued): Alrighty then .. here’s the story. It’s the first time I see the ocean. I think to myself, I said - How ‘bout I leap right in there!! Turns out I got one of those corgi back ends that floats and swivels like a buoy, I didn’t even know I had that!!! Butt then, (get that?), my rear end starts floating on its own somewhere uncontrollable! So my Newfie brother came to my rescue... because that’s what Newfies do. He booped my backside and got me straightened out so I could swim back to Mom. She was so proud of both of us!

Newfoundlands are world renown for their swimming abilities and their natural instinct for life guarding. Featuring puppy Teddy.


Steven Legg That is fantastic!

Valerie Holloway That’s Zuzu when he was a baby.